Achievements give the player goals to work for that have little impact on actual progression. That being said, they are still fun to achieve and some are required to get one of each characters' six medals.

List of Achievements & Descriptions

Selfless Gift - Bought a Gift upgrade. (10 pts)

Gift Giver - Bought six Gift upgrades. (30 pts)

Clean Sweep - Defeated a boss in under 20 seconds. (10 pts.)

Combo - Power attacked an enemy right after inflicting a normal attack. (5 pts)

Nemesis - Died to the same boss as 4 different characters. (5 pts)

Divine Luck - Went down a floor while at critical health. (10 pts)

Close Call - As the Warrior, took out your shield a second before being struck. (10 pts)

Axe a Question - As the Warrior, defeated a strong enemy using only throwing axes. (15 pts)

Golden Warrior - Defeated the gold boss as the Warrior. (20 pts)

Desperate Light - As the Adventurer, defeated 5 enemies in a row using only your lantern. (10 pts)

Knockout - As the Adventurer, stunned a strong enemy 4 times in the same fight. (15 pts)

Golden Adventurer - Defeated the gold boss as the Adventurer. (20 pts)

Scatter to the Winds - As the Mage, nullified an enemy magic projectile using the Gust ability with the starter robe. (10 pts)

Chaos Storm - As the Mage, used 4 different targeted attack scrolls in 4 seconds on an enemy. (15 pts)

Golden Mage - Defeated the gold boss as the Mage. (20 pts)

Elegant Solution - As the Rogue, defeated 5 enemies in a row using only dashes and backstabs. (10 pts)

Blunt Solution - As the Rogue, used your starter boots to stun 3 enemies with a single kick. (15 pts)

Golden Rogue - Defeated the gold boss as the Rogue. (20 pts)

Seven in One Stroke - As the Spellsword, struck 7  different enemies with a single power attack charge. (10 pts)

Magic Eater - As the Spellsword, used a scroll to nullify 3 enemy spells at the same time. (15 pts)

Golden Spellsword - Defeated the gold boss as the Spellsword. (20 pts)

The Thresher - As the Cultist, defeated an enemy with a stab and point-blank dagger throw in a row, twice. (10 pts)

Fighting Dirty - As the Cultist, blinded 5 enemies at a time, then defeated them all without taking damage. (15 pts)

Golden Cultist - Defeated the gold boss as the Cultist. (20 pts)

Hat Connoisseur - Collect a ridiculous amount of hats! (50 pts)