Cyril, the Adventurer

The Adventurer (real name of Cyril) is one of the seven playable classes in Wayward Souls, and is a hybrid based character in the game.

About the Adventurer

Cyril the Adventurer is the most versatile class in the game and potentially the most powerful- Through forge upgrades he has access to every single mechanic except for backstab- shield, dash, stealth, stun, slow, instant kill and magic cancel. This also makes him the most difficult class to play as because his starting items are the stun amulet and lantern  and the player are not guaranteed a dash or shield item through forge he requires good dodging abilities and experience with enemy attack patterns to play well. However- survive long enough to get the right upgrades and you have the best abilities married to high damage and the best health recovery per floor.

Character Guide


  • He deals the same damage per swing as the Warrior but with a smaller and faster swings.
  • The lantern is good for cancelling out large amounts of projectiles and also taking out small enemies.
  • The stun is much like the Mage's defensive 'wind' ability in that it lets the player hold off on dealing with a particular enemy for a few seconds.
  • He has the highest HP recovery in the game (+7 per floor) and his Gift ability gives an extra +2 to all classes.


  • The power attack comes out quickly but is incapable of setting up for any further moves.
  • Low attack range.