Item chest

An item crate, containing either an item described on this page or ammo for your character's abilities.

Items are the consumable objects found in item crates. Careful use of items can make the difference between dying on the third floor of the mines and beating the boss of the catacombs (that's a significant difference, if the player isn't familiar with this game). Items come in multiple forms and can vary in distribution between characters.

  • The letters WMRASC (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Adventurer, Spellsword, and Cultist) on the table represent the availability of items to each character class. An "x" means that the character can find that item in item crates. A "-" means they cannot find that item.
Icon Name Flavor Text Effect W M R A S C
Vitae Tonic A potent mixture of medicinal herbs and magical salts. Restores health. x x x x x x
Aged Hourglass This bauble contains magic sand that alters and bends time itself. Creates a magic circle that speeds the character up, slows foes, and dissipates magical projectiles. x x x x x x
Time Dust A pouch of dust from lands far, where time-altering magic was mastered. Boosts movement speed and energy recovery briefly. x x x x x x
Blade vemon
Blade Venom A brew made from toxic plants, collected from the Dunmire marshes. The character's next attack will inflict an excruciating poison. - - x x - x
Ogre Oil A bitter, viscous tonic concocted by mighty ogres. Causes the next 5 attacks to stun foes. x - - x - -
Drakefire Grease This oil creates intense flames, concocted to emulate the drake's fire. Causes flames to shoot out from attacks. x - - - - -
Flash Bomb This Zwergish device emits a bright flash using dwarven pyrotechnics. Blinds nearby foes. - - x x - -
Big Stunner A Big Stunner is a dwarven marvel, the mightiest of stun bombs! Stuns all foes in sight. - - x - - -
Blight Bomb Blight bombs are rarely used, meant for purging tunnels of unruly pests. Creates a dense cloud of poison. - - x - - -
Shadowtwist Elixir A mysterious, dark liquid primarily composed of crushed ebonshards. Grants a persisting stealth for 10 seconds. - - x x - x
Ebonshards Crystallized black shards that house powerful entities made of shadow. Summons two shadows of yourself to attack foes. - - - - - x
Scroll of Fireball The fireball is a crude, yet effective conjuration among pyromancers. Flings an explosive fireball. - x - x x x
Scroll of Frost Shards This scroll summons a hailstorm reminiscent of the frozen north. Unleashes a swarm of frost bolts that stuns foes. - x - - x -
Scroll of Lightning The wrath of the aeromancer is dire indeed, for there is no safe haven. Invokes bolts of lightning to strike foes. - x - - x -
Scroll of Earth Spike The earth itself will gore the geomancer's foes. Moulds the earth into a deadly spike to impale foes. - x - - x -
Scroll of Light Ray This spell burns brightly, but is faint compared to that of Diasunne's. Shines a piercing beam of light. - x - - x -
Scroll of Acid Cloud The hydromancer rarely ever utilizes acid, except in dire situations. Conjures a cloud of searing acid. - - - - - x
Scroll of Shadow Bomb Scrolls such as these are scarce as there are rarely any shadow mages left. Teleports the character to the targeted location, causing dark explosions. - - - - x x
Scroll of Summon Shadow Summoning a shadow of oneself is a lost and forgotten art. Summons a shadow of the character to attack foes. - - - x x -
Scroll of Summon Sprite Sprites are often beckoned to act as torches in the Commonwealth. Summons a friendly Sprite to attack foes. - x - - x -
Scroll of Summon Infernite An Infernite is a sprite near the end of its life, before it burns out forever. Summons a friendly Infernite to attack foes. - x - - x -