Loot is always fun to get. Always. Even when the player has bought every upgrade you can for every character, they will still very likely find themself chasing after every little bronze piece you see. Of course, money is not the only loot that can be found in Wayward Souls - a plethora of hats is also available for the player's looting pleasure.

Forms of Loot

Gold Piles - Contains 50 g

Treasure Chests - Contain gold and may contain a hat, if the player is lucky. Worth 50 g in the mines, 75 in the tower, and 100 in the catacombs.

Skull Chests - Contain gold and will always contain a rare hat (until you acquire all rare hats).

Decorations - Breakable objects with no real purpose but to spice up the environment and make it prettier. Range from crates to candles to bone piles to bookshelves... May contain a pittance of coinage inside.

Hats - Click the link to learn about hats.

Values of Currency

Gold is the name of Wayward Souls's currency, but it can visually appear as multiple different graphics, each with its own monetary value. Without further ado...

Bronze - 1 g

Silver - 3 g

Gold - 5 g

Amethyst (purple) - 12 g 

Emerald (green) - 16 g

Sapphire (blue) - 24 g

Ruby (red) - 32 g