Character Upgrades

Sheer Stinginess- Your attacks cost less energy. (-25% energy cost)

Fake Out- Your first dash through an enemy confuses it. (1.0 seconds of confusion)

Dagger Toes- Increases your damage done by kicks. (+5 points of bonus damage)

Keen Survivor- Recover more health when entering the next floor. (+5 health)

High Stakes- Raises your chance of doing double damage with melee attacks. (+10% critical chance bonus)

Low Blow- Extends stun duration. (30% bonus stun duration)

Varoisian Moxie- Increases your maximum health. (5 extra health)

Gift of the Savvy- All classes use less energy for attacks and abilities. (-5% energy cost)


Ember Forge Upgrades


Dagger (standard attack)


  • Chipped Dagger - "This old dagger has seen plenty of adventures, worn from breaking countless locks." (This and all other daggers have the ability to backstab.)


  • The Gutter - "Crafted by Fennfolk assassins. The edges of this knife are so sharp, it inflicts dire lacerations even when brushing against foes." (Dashing through an enemy hurts them.)
  • Blind Eye Skean - "A weapon commonly favored by mage-hunters. Its blade depicts a bloodied mockery of the Silver Eye." (Confers a chance to inflict critical strike damage upon magic casters and absorb their energy.)
  • Dancing Grass - "A famed dagger from the Ibharwood, home of the great stone trees. Its blade resembles a bundle of grass, swaying in the wind." (Reduces the energy it takes to dash or power attack.)
  • Atta's Bite - "Rumors speak of an ominous cult of web-worshippers led by a mythical spider deity named Atta." (Endows a chance to inflict poison upon an enemy.)
  • Mirage Poinard - "The remarkable engravings on this foreign weapon seem to vanish when one focuses their eyes on it for a closer look." (Bestows a chance to gain a faint stealth on dashing.)

Boots (passive)


  • Leather Boots - "These boots have been Renee's valuable asset when it comes to dealing powerful kicks." (Power attack deals out a damaging stun strike.)


  • Hush Slippers - "Jasim the Great, a powerful genie, granted these slippers to a traveling bard. They absorb sounds made by the wearer." (Grants a bonus to the duration of all stealth abilities.)
  • Giantstompers - "Forged by bitter dwarves smiths, they sought to bring their taller neighbors to a proper height through potent shin-kicking." (Empowers your kick, damaging enemies and launching them away.)
  • Whirlwhip Greaves - "A dire sandstorm once threatened a kingdom, but a sorcerous vizier cast a great spell to contain its power within a silken weave." (Endows a spinning kick that will stun and reflect spells in a circle around you.)
  • Slick Kicks - "Boots designed to twist legs and slam heads into the ground. Amusing to watch, painful to experience." (Lets you slide under and trip up enemies, stunning those you pass by.)
  • The Tormentors - "A vicious pair of boots devised by Fenn assassins, riveted with razor-sharp spikes made of blackened iron." (Replaces your kick attack with a stabbing charge.)

Straps (passive)


  • Leather Straps - "A truly maneuverable rogue keeps everything strapped tight." (Allows you to dash through enemies and their harmful magic.)


  • Oiled Armlets - "Armlets doused in self-repleneshing magic fish oil, allowing unfettered movement. Not even air will hinder the wearer." (Slightly increases your running speed.)
  • Black Cat Braces - "The Black Cats of Varois are a notorious group who rob nobility to the point of poverty, ever shifting the Varoisian political arena." (Confers a bonus to stealth and invisibility duration.)
  • Gnashers - "Fashioned from the teeth of cannibals, it is said the Gnashers will eventually turn against its wearer and devour them." (Grants a bonus to critical strike chance.)
  • Nullguards - "An artifact shrouded in mystery, the Nullguards seem to absorb a set amount of magical energy at no obvious consequence." (Absorbs one enemy magical attack per floor.)
  • Toadskin Cowters - "Despite its name, this item is simply cloth drenched in a myriad of toxins. Thankfully, the wearer is shielded from the business end." (Grants a chance to inflict a stunning poison when struck.)