Special events in Wayward Souls range from ghost conversations to mini-bosses. Some are just for fun, some give background on the story, and some provide challenges with rewards for completion.

Ghost Conversations

Ghost conversations can involve backstory, humorous exchanges, and occasionally small rewards. They are found in all dungeons, but are separated in appearance by which dungeon you are in.

Bronze Dungeon



Silver Dungeon



Gold Dungeon



Special Enemies & Mini-Bosses

Special Enemies and Mini-Bosses are unique enemies that do not appear anywhere except in their specific rooms and events. They will usually have multiple gold piles and sometimes a skull chest as a reward.

Enemy Groups

Sometimes, the player will encounter a group of enemies talking to each other about various subjects. They will be guarding a bit of gold, and will continue talking for a while until they admit to noticing the player's presence in their dialogue. When they notice the player, they will stop their dialogue and begin attacking. Their dialogue will not be interrupted by the player's presence unless they deliberately attack them.

Mazes (a.k.a "Hat Dungeons")

Mazes are hand-crafted special rooms that contain skull chests and gold piles at their 'end'. Mazes take on different forms depending on the floor theme, and do not change in structure if you find the same maze twice. 


Lexi - Lexi is the protagonist of Mage Gauntlet, RocketCat Games' previous game that is set in this world. 

Jepp Starcloak - Jepp is a character mentioned in Mage Gauntlet, but never seen until this cameo.