Hassan, the Spellsword

The Spellsword (real name of Hassan) is one of the seven playable classes within the game Wayward Souls, and a melee and magic casting class. 

About the Spellsword


Character Guide

The Spellsword has power/range that is almost on par with the warrior, yet instead of a shield is able to utilize a dash that can both dodge projectiles and melee attacks (if used correctly).


  • Agile: The Spellsword has a moderately fast base movement speed that is supplemented by a dash that can be used to avoid magical projectiles (excluding dashing through enemies unless the player obtains the fire scroll upgrade at the Ember Forge).
  • Medium attack range: The Spellsword's shamshir has a range above that of the Adventurer's short-sword yet slightly below that of the Warrior's broadsword.
  • Battle-specific buffs: The buff will usually only last throughout the duration of one room.
  • Spells. Spur-of-the-moment and reactionary vs Battle-specific buffs.
  • Fairly high HP


  • The Spellsword requires a fair amount of focus and precision to play (more than the Warrior, but less than the Rogue).
  • He is a 'high risk high reward' character.