"You stand before the King of Thorns, YOU STAND BEFORE VENGANCE ITSELF!"


The Bearer

The Bearer (also known as The King of Thorns) is a boss within Wayward Souls and stars as the boss of the Gold Dungeon. He takes the appearance of Baron Amaranth's magically gifted daughter, Sophia. The King of Thorns appears on floor 8 of the Catacombs, and floor 19 of the Labyrinth.


Where Amaranth was a physically-oriented boss, the Bearer's attacks are completely magical. The Bearer has a variety of attack patterns. He can shoot a stream of high-arcing purple shots that land on the ground to form lingering, damgaing purple puddles. Along with this, he has multiple bullet behaviors as follows; he can shoot a fan of five slow, but long range shots. Shoots a burst of 8 bolts in all directions, sometimes with straight paths out from the Bearer, some times with curved paths clockwise. Shoots five shots in succession, starting with a small width and medium speed, and increasing in both attributes with each shot. Lastly, he can self-detonate in a medium range, red explosion while teleporting to another location.