Blythe, the Warrior

"Tough, devastating fighter"

The Warrior (real name of Blythe) is one of the seven playable classes within the game Wayward Souls, and is one of the melee classes in the game.

About the Warrior

The Warrior is the general character of the hack and slash playstyle. He utilizes three weapons - his sword, axe and shield. All three of these can be upgraded at an ember forge.

Character Guide


He is the class a newcomer to a game will often play is one that is both forgiving yet powerful, simple enough for a newbie to play yet still retaining a moderately high skill cap. The Warrior is the most powerful class in the game (both literally and in terms of playstyle). He requires virtually no tricky movement (Rogue/Spellsword dashing) or camping (Mage/Cultist). Just run in and slash them to death. His gameplay in general is slow and formulaic.


  • Not counting characters with projectiles, the warrior weilds the longest weapon range in the game.
  • High DPS
  • The Warrior has the 2nd highest HP bar in the entire game.
  • Throwing axes adds onto the class as a ranged attack.
  • The power attack is a far-reaching move that is good for dealing with large groups of enemies.


  • Large debuff period.